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PyCosmic is a tool to detect and clean single images from the disturbing cosmic ray hits. It uses Laplacian-edge detection scheme of L.A.Cosmic, but extends the algorithm specifically for fiber-fed spectrograph CCD images. The software was designed and tested specifically for the data of the Calar Alto Large Integral Field Area (CALIFA) survey that is using PMAS fibre-fed integral-field spectrograph. The program was also tested on other data including classical long-slit observations. The current version is written in Python and can be executed from the command-line or included in Python scripts.

The software is being actively maintained so we encourage users to provide feedback and bug reports for further improvements.

Projects that already used PyCosmic:

Example of the detection performace of PyCosmic in a raw image of fibre-fed spectrograph. Shown are two cut-outs of the same image before and after detecting cosmics ray hits. Importantly, none of the actual fiber signal including the bright sky lines are accidentily detected as comsics.